Some of our clients make use of our in house studio. It offers a professional shooting environment. It's the right size approximately 550 square feet that has the strength for many productions.

    The studio is equipped with two robotic Panasonic camera's, two optional Sony remote controlled camera's, Teleprompter, a chroma green or blue screen and suspended lights that all feed to a control room equipped with a Newtek video switcher with multiple source inputs, Mackie audio board with 16 inputs, wireless microphones, Digital Video, DVCAM, HDV, and BetaCam SP record and playback decks.

    In our studio we have another feature that many of our clients have taken advantage of. That feature is the capability to produce a live webcast and stream your presentation to the web live. And with our phone interface you can even take live questions from your viewers from the web live.

    Also in the studio is a soundbooth for voiceover recordings that makes it easy to insert your audio back into a project.

    Our Studio has many options and can be configured for your production!                                   



To inquire about or to set-up an appointment for our studio please e-mail us at