Have a CD, DVD, Blu Ray or Dual Layer DVD and need to have it replicated or copied? Need 1 or 10,000 it can be done in our in house replication department. Always on time and on price. E-Mail us the spec's on your next replication project.

    We offer numerous packaging options for your replication project. Whether it be a plain simple paper sleeve or a hard plastic album we offer options.

    As for printing we print full color or black and white right to the surface of the disc. You can send us your design or we can come up with designs for you to choose. Once that is done we will send you a proof via e-mail to approve your design.

    Pricing is based on quantity and packaging needed. And if you have your own packaging we can offer a bulk rate. That is for projects that do not need any printing or packaging services from us.

    Also see our Encoding Services for more options on encoding a video or audio tape.

Give us a call or e-mail us to discuss your project needs.

questions@photovideoprods.com or (518) 374-9217

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