Photo Video Productions pricing policy is based on our cost to produce a professional quality product for your order.

We provide the machines, the personnel, the technology and the experience to accomplish your order. Each order receives expert attention and goes beyond just having the order automatically processed by a machine.

If it were that easy, we understand, you could do it yourself and would not need our services. Usually your media needs cueing, sound and video adjustment, sometimes, bad elements must be removed or, it does not process acceptably the first time and needs to be corrected and/or redone. We take responsibility for those details and address them to the best of our ability.

We stand by our product and our reputation depends on it.

For that to happen:

* The program needs to be set up properly, (cued, adjusted, balanced, or altered etc.)

* The equipment must be up-to date and in proper adjustment,

* The process must be monitored throughout by trained personnel and

* the end product must be rechecked for quality.

* Sometimes if there is a problem it must be redone at no additional cost.

* Finally most orders require labeling and/or packaging.

This is what you are paying for, and only with that level of care can we stand behind our products or provide any guarantee: i.e. correction of any controllable problems in the finished product.


If, on the other hand, you believe that it merely needs to be plopped into the machine, and comes out perfectly as it is ... and therefore you believe a lower price is appropriate,

we could:

* put it into the machine “AS IS,”

* and deliver it however it comes out.

In such case,
A. We could not afford to, and would not, provide any of the services listed above, and,
B. You must agree and take the completed order "as is" with no refund expressed or implied. Such an order represents a risk to both the purchaser and to Photo Video Productions since it frequently results in an unsatisfied customer. PVP prefers to not enter in to such an arrangement.